September 18, 2019

Wide-angle lenses for Smartphones: how to choose best optics

It is certainly interesting to shoot surrounding objects, landscapes, interiors. However, it is sometimes impossible to fit all the details into the frame. Not everyone has professional optics, but this problem can be easily solved with a smartphone. To expand the capture angle of its camera, you need a wide-angle lens.

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Small in size but wide in scope

The compact wide-angle lens is indispensable when shooting general plans of various objects. It allows you to accommodate a much larger number of details in each frame. At the same time, wide-angle lenses are successfully used when shooting from a variety of angles.

Before buying a product, it is important to determine why you need a wide-angle lens and what kind of photo images you can get. The main objective of such optics is to increase the viewing angle of the camera of your phone. Thanks to the optical features, the photo accessory allows you to visually expand the boundaries of the frame, thereby achieving better detail of the subject. Therefore, the photo fits a larger number of details of the object.

What to look for when choosing a wide-angle lens

The main parameter that you pay attention to when choosing optics of this type is the maximum angle of capture. In most of the presented models, it is 110 degrees. This is quite enough to get pictures with increased detail.

If this does not seem enough to you, a lens with improved optical characteristics is suitable for you. 

Its viewing angle is 238 degrees, which allows you to get an incredibly detailed picture.

When choosing a suitable device model, pay attention to the following important points:

  • capture angle;
  • type of fastening;
  • the material of which the lens is made;
  • complete set;
  • design;
  • quality.

If you pay attention to all these characteristics, you are sure to choose the best solution.

Fasteners and their types

A mounting element is one of the most important criteria determining the correct choice of a wide-angle lens. If the mount is not suitable for your phone, or it causes inconvenience to you when using, this can be a serious problem. First, with a poorly fixed lens, image quality will be worse. Secondly, with frequent use, it will be inconvenient for you to mount and remove a wide-angle lens, so the process of taking photo will not bring the desired joy.

The main types of fasteners:

  • clip-arc;
  • clip clothespin;
  • magnetic lock;
  • adhesive fasteners;
  • special mount.

Each of these fasteners is practical, so choose the option that is most suitable for you.

The advantage of a wide-angle lens with plastic arc mounts is its versatility. Soft plastic changes shape to the desired size, so you can easily install such an accessory on almost any phone or tablet. To protect the surfaces of the device, a special rubberized insert is provided at the end of the fixing clip. The lens can be mounted on the front, main camera of the phone.

A reliable clip in the form of clothespins holds a wide-angle photo lens well. Feet with soft inserts do not damage surfaces.

Magnetic mount is a special ring that is glued around the camera. And in the block of the lens itself there is a magnet with which the it is magnetized to the ring.

The lens with an adhesive base is suitable for almost all types of devices. Such a lens is glued to the phone using a gel-like adhesive layer. This layer is reusable, and therefore you can regularly remove / install a photo lens if necessary.

Special mounts are used in lens sets. Such clamps allow you to fix several lenses on your mobile and easily change them.

How reliable is such optics?

The lenses are enclosed in a metal or plastic block that protects them from damage. Each product is quite reliable, so the main weak point of devices is glass. They need to provide maximum protection, for which a wide-angle lens is equipped with a special cover.

Imprints and scratches on the glass surface significantly degrade the quality of photographs. Therefore, you need to install the lenses carefully.


Photo accessories that expand the camera’s viewing angle are extremely popular. They are convenient to carry with you, as they are small in size. Most products include special bags for transport, which reduces the likelihood of damage. Most manufacturers of such optics maintain high standards of quality for their products. Therefore, you can be sure that with a wide-angle lens for a smartphone you will get high-quality and original photographs.