September 29, 2019

Fotopro UFO2 Flexible Tripod with Bluetooth: your useful helper for taking great photos

Fotopro UFO2 Flexible Tripod is a universal stand compatible with mobile phones, various digital cameras, GoPro and other devices. This is an ideal thing for those who appreciate unique high-quality photographs and love to shoot video. With it, you can easily catch a successful shot and you can shoot a great video for your video blog or conduct an online broadcast.

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You can use this flexible tripod as a standard stand on which it is easy to mount devices for shooting. And due to the fact that it’s flexible legs easily bend and wrap around different objects, you can set the stand exactly as you need. This opens up great opportunities for photo and video shooting.

An added bonus is the waterproofness of the tripod. Its legs have a special rubberized coating, therefore they are reliably protected from moisture. Use a tripod where other stands will be powerless.



Benefits that cannot be underestimated

Any flexible tripod is a functional stand. Using it to shoot clear photographs and videos is much more convenient. However, not all models successfully combine functionality and practicality. But the Fotopro UFO2 Flexible Tripod is a pleasant exception.

  • Reliable, durable, flexible. Flexible legs are an additional freedom of a choice of a place and an angle of shooting. Therefore, Fotopro UFO2 Flexible Tripod can be taken with you not only on any trip, but also used for daily shooting. At the same time, the materials from which it is made guarantee high strength and reliability of the device.
  • Waterproof, anti-slip, steady. This tripod easily withstands not only ordinary mobile phones, but also DSLR cameras. Its legs are covered with special rubberized materials, thanks to which the tripod is stable on almost any surface and does not slip if installed and wrap around objects. In addition, the protective coating does not allow moisture to penetrate inside. You can install a tripod in water, if necessary, and not be bothered by the appearance of rust.
  • Functional, versatile, highly compatible. The stand is equipped with a rotating head that allows you to perform a 360 ° shooting perspective. You can also simply rotate the head to the desired angle by placing a mobile phone or camera in a portrait or landscape view. Fotopro UFO2 Flexible Tripod is compatible with various devices: GoPro, iPhone, Huawei, Canon Nikon DSLR and others. Please note that the kit includes a telephone clip for mobile devices with a diagonal of not more than 3.5 inches.
  • Lightweight, compact, portable. The low weight of the stand, its small dimensions make it possible to use it not only for daily shooting. This is a great helper for those who love to travel and not the thoughts of their lives without colorful photographs. You can easily fit it in a bag, it will not take up much space and will not create additional burden for you.




If you are still not sure about the quality and reliability of the stand, we will give one more argument in its favor. The company Fotopro gives a one-year warranty on its product, which proves once again: UFO2 Flexible Tripod is a good choice for anyone who really appreciates quality tripods and prefers to use their capabilities to the maximum.

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 22.9 x 3.2 inches.
  • Weight: 0. 28 kg.
  • Connection Point: 1/4" standard tripod mount.