September 21, 2019

Guide on How to Choose A Flexible Tripod for Your Photography Needs

It cannot be denied that taking pictures is among the favorite pastimes of people all over the world. With this, you must have the best tool to make the most of your photography. It's important to choose a flexible tripod, which can help you to capture beautiful photos with your camera or smartphone.

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What is a flexible tripod?

A flexible tripod is an essential tool that will help you to position your camera to get the best angle. It is useful to make beautiful images and record videos to have the content you want. This handy accessory can be your best companion as you travel, attend special events, or enjoying in a trip or vacation. With a camera tripod,you can produce professional photos that you never imagine you can capture.

Why do I need to use it?

A flexible tripod is needed if you want to get the perfect angle of your subject.You need it because there are some situations wherein you may find it hard to shoot your subject in a beautiful manner. For example, if you are in hiking, or in a dangerous place, your cell phone tripod can serve as your tool to get the best angle even on complicated environments.

What are the benefits of a flexible tripod?

Are you planning to have a solo vacation or adventure? Then, it is a wise decision to bring a flexible tripod with you. Thus, it is a lightweight tool which you can use to take beautiful and gorgeous photos and videos while traveling. The best about it is that it is very easy to install compared to other stands in the market. You can install it even in inconvenient situations.


  • Universal. You can use it as a standard stand, monopod or flexible tripod. The flexible legs are easy to bend, so you can fix it in almost any place, including a tree branch, handrails, railings and any other objects around which you can wrap the tripod.
  • Compact. Most flexible tripods are small. They fold easily and take up little space. Therefore, it is easy to fit in a bag. Take them with you on trips or carry them with you on walks without feeling any inconvenience.
  • Lightweight and durable. The weight of the tripods is quite small, while they provide reliable mounting of smartphones, DSLR cameras and GoPro. Many models are equipped with anti-slip legs, which guarantees additional stability of the stand, and therefore your devices.

How to choose a flexible tripod?

There are different flexible tripods you can avail in the market. So, you must know the important things to consider on getting the perfect one for your needs. The following are some factors you must check-in buying a flexible tripod.

  • Stick material

1. Wire based tripods.

This type of tripod comes with easy installation. Wired based tripods are made either with a thick or thin wire. Some of the best wire-based tripods include the Bontend Flexible Tripod that has Smartphone and iPhone holder, UBeesize Tripod S, Flexible Tripod with wireless remote shutter and Zecti Flexible cell phone tripod, to mention a few.

This is the simplest version of flexible tripods, but nevertheless perform the functions very well. Such stands are easy to mount, and they are securely fixed not only on a flat surface. Their flexible legs are very easy to wrap around sticks and branches. Therefore, to catch the desired angle will be easier.


However, it can be easily broken if it is bent most of the time.

2. Built-in tripods with ball legs.

Tripods of this type are distinguished by a special design of the legs. Each of them consists of many balls interconnected by a flexible connection. Thanks to this design, they are more reliable, easy to install and durable.

Among the built-in tripod with ball, legs are the Linkcool Octopus portable phone tripod. It comes with universal clip as well as Bluetooth remote that is compatible with GoPros, smartphones and digital cameras. With its flexible legs, you can bend it according to your needs. This tripod is the best travel companion to capture the beautiful sceneries and moments in your adventure. It has a non-slip design and durable, making it easy to use.

However, from the time the balls in such tripods can fall out, which will lead to the fact that you can no longer use it.

3. Tripods that are assembled from parts.

These tripods have adjustable legs length, so you can have more customized use for your needs. It is considered as the most durable, versatile, and reliable option for types of flexible tripods.

The legs of such stands consist of separate flexible elements that are assembled and attached to each other. The advantage of this design is greater reliability compared to other models. In addition, you can adjust the length of the legs in such tripods yourself by adding or removing the parts.


The only drawback of such tripods is that with frequent use, the legs can get a little loose. However, this shortcoming is easy to fix by simply screwing them.

  • Where can I use flexible tripods?

Flexible tripods can be used everywhere, especially in your outdoor activities. It is perfect to use while hiking, having picnics, or if you are on a trip or vacation. You can always rely on your flexible tripod when shooting in places wherein other stands can’t be stalled. You can use it to handle your smartphone or camera for a more professional and satisfying shooting experience.

  • Weight of tripod and the weight that it can support

The tripods themselves are usually lightweight. At the same time, it is important to study the characteristics of the model in order to understand whether it is possible to fix your phone or DSLR camera on it. If a standard smartphone can withstand any tripods, then using the camera can be a real test for the stand.

There are different types of camera with various weight. Therefore, you must consider the weight of your tripod and the weight that it can support to avoid disappointments in the end. Can it support a bulky camera? Can it handle heavyweight DSLRs? You must consider its weight before purchasing the equipment.

  • Height and size

The height and size of the flexible tripod is also an important factor as you buy the equipment. Make sure it can provide a maximum support for your smartphone and digital cameras. 

If you plan to take the tripod with you on trips or carry it in your bag every day, consider whether it will take up a lot of space at the same time. Keep in mind that even with small dimensions, the weight of the stand can significantly complicate your life.

It is important to evaluate the maximum height of the tripod so that if necessary you can get a photo from exactly the angle and angle that you need.

  • Tripod head

You can also choose the tripod head that can suit your shooting needs. There are types of tripod head including:

  • ball head;
  • pistol grip head;
  • 3-way or pan/tilt head;
  • gimbal head;
  • panoramic head as well as other specialized heads.


With the great competition among flexible tripod brands in the market, you must know how to choose a flexible tripod that you can use for your photography and videography needs. With this, the time, effort, and money you invest for the product are all worth it.

You must consider the height, weight, quality as well as other features of the flexible tripod that you will purchase. Regardless of whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, the flexible tripod is very useful to shoot your subject in the best angle. It is the best companion for you to enjoy the most of your travel adventure.

Make sure that the tripod can fit your digital camera or cell phone. With this, you can avoid wasting your money for a poor-quality product. It is also essential to check the eight capacity and construction of the flexible tripod. Thus, availing the best quality flexible tripod can have a long lifespan which you can use in your different adventure in the next years.

You can also choose the tripod head according to your taste. There are many beautifully designed, flexible tripods that can suit your requirements and standards. Even more important, you must also check the price of the flexible tripod. There are quality tripods that can be availed in a practical and affordable cost. On the other hand, there is expensive tripod that can offer you great quality. Make sure that you are buying a flexible tripod that suits your budget.