August 16, 2019

Cardboard Projector for Smartphone: Product Overview

Tired of the same old screen of your smartphone that is not helpful while you display your best videos and pictures to your friends and family? Are you exhausted of a toe-stepping and neck-craning frenzy while watching videos and snaps with your friends and family? Worry not because a projector for smartphone is a solution to your problems. With the help of a cardboard projector for smartphone, watching videos becomes fun and especially when you have friends and family to watch those videos with. Even viewing snaps is an amazing experience.

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What does a cardboard projector look like

The cardboard projector for smartphone is usually known as a cinema in a box. It is an amazing low-key way to allow your cellphone’s screen to be viewed by many others. All that needs to be done is to just place any smartphone that fits the cardboard box properly and the lens helps enlarge the image portrayed on the screen up to eight times its original size. A double lens is mounted forward. It is a kit that is already built and includes a soft matte laminate finish and for its styling it uses silver foil accents and usually faux leather to enhance its look. 

Inside there is a pull-out compartment where you want to place your smartphone. A soft inner lining is provided so that the phone is not only properly secured, but not scratched during regular use. On the side there is a hole for the charging cable, if suddenly the smartphone’s battery is low, and you have not yet enjoyed watching a movie out of the box.

In order to put this to work, all that one needs is a room with no lights and the smartphone with you. As a screen, you can use any plain wall, dense fabric.


Set the projector to an acceptable distance from the wall, increase or decrease the projector housing to reach your desired focus then sit back, enjoy your meal with your mini-cinema. The projector for smartphone is known best for its portability, wireless and no additional power usage as it is entirely made from cardboard and glass.


There are many advantages of a smartphone projector, such as:

  •  Portability

The smartphone projector is a portable device as compared to the conventional projectors that are heavy to carry and difficult to set up. As for these smartphone projectors, they are wireless, need no additional power usage and portable enough to carry anywhere whenever and wherever you want. Usually it is so because of the built material of the projectors, since these require only cardboard and glass for their construction.

  •  Screen Size

With the advent of smartphone projectors, the small sizes of the smartphones create no longer issues to the users. As they no longer need to maximize webpages and review, the portable projectors make it easier to review the content and working has become easy. This also limits the usage of the cellphone and expands the user interface with the projectors.

  • Efficient Way of Taking Notes

Upon attending classes, seminars and different conferences it is often found quite difficult for the lecturers and teachers to display notes on white boards and using conventional projectors. This problem was resolved with the advent of smartphone projectors, as the portability has increased user interface and easy accessibility to usage has helped ease the issues faced.

  • Interactive Teaching Methods

Most students in class find it difficult to organize their presentations on a conventional projector as it could cause great hassle. However with the smartphone projector, this task has become fairly easy and hassle-free to achieve. While carrying your portable smartphone projectors, presentations can become easy to deliver as the students will not face any hardware setup issues and can easily maneuver through the presentation they deliver.


Despite all the advantages of such a portable gadget, it also has obvious disadvantages.

  • Low image brightness

If you plan to use a cardboard projector in the dark, this will not be a problem. Colors are transmitted quite clearly. However, in the daytime, due to this drawback, it will not be convenient to use it.

  • Slightly blurred image

The clarity of the displayed images is poor. However, this drawback slightly compensates for the possibility of focusing the lens. But be prepared for the fact that you may not get the perfect picture.

With all this, make a discount on the fact that this is still not a full-fledged projector, which we are used to. It is a convenient, easy to use and relatively inexpensive device. Not only adults, but also children can easily cope with it. Therefore, you should not expect any outstanding features from a cardboard projector.


One of the highlighting selling points of this product is the portability that it features, offering an ease of accessibility to the users and coming in handy where the conventional projectors fail to deliver. A smartphone projector has become a household need in the 21st century and from teens using it for quick cinema experiences to adults using it in conferences; it has been a handful product and final thoughts on this product is that it is a must buy.