September 7, 2019

Bontend Flexible Tripod: take photos where others cannot

Lightweight and compact, flexible tripod is your best travel assistant. Use Bontend Flexible Tripod whenever you want to get the perfect photo with beautiful scenery, lively selfies or great videos. Its flexible legs allow you to fix the tripod where standard holders will be useless.


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The Bontend Flexible Tripod will be useful if you want to achieve perfect picture quality. Wherever you go, whether it's a long trip, a friendly party or a walk around the park, this tripod will become your indispensable assistant.

What you get by buying a Bontend Flexible Tripod

  • Universal. The device is equipped with mounts with which you can easily install on a tripod GoPro, Smartphone, iPhone, Digital Camera and Action Camera.
  • Compact. It is so small that it fits easily in any travel bag. At the same time, you can carry it with you in your hands and use it as a monopod, because the maximum height is 12 "(290 mm).
  • Lightweight. You do not need to worry about the need to carry or carry the added burden of traveling. The lightweight and mobile flexible tripod from Bontend weighs just 11 oz (310g). At the same time, its strength and reliability will pleasantly surprise you.
  • Reliable. High-strength materials, reliable reinforcements, rubberized legs will make using the tripod simple and convenient. It is easy to install on any surface, while the phone or camera is securely attached to the tripod ball head.
  • Flexible. Use a tripod where other stands are simply worthless. His legs are so mobile that they can be wrapped around any objects. Catch the right angle and get your perfect photo without much effort.



Other advantages of the model

One of the features of this model is the Quick Release Plate. With its help, it is easy to replace one device with another without changing the position of the tripod. This is very convenient if you need to replace the phone with a camera or GoPro. This will take only a few seconds.

Getting the perfect shot or video frame has always been a challenge. Even if you can set the tripod in the right position, it’s sometimes difficult to choose the angle. With the Bontend Flexible Tripod, this task is greatly simplified. This model has The Multiangle Tripod Ball Head. You can not only change the position (portrait to landscape). By rotating the tripod ball head, it’s easy to find your ideal angle for perfect video and photo.

The package includes special mounts for DSLR cameras, smartphones and GoPro. Choose the option you need and enjoy quality shots under any conditions.  The phone holder is equipped with soft rubber pads. They will protect the device from scratches and contribute to its better fixation. Its design and construction allows you to use almost any smartphone. Its width can be changed from 2 "to 4".


An additional advantage of this device is the company's limited warranty for a period of 1 year. If during the use of this flexible tripod you find any defects in the material or arise in the construction itself (which could arise during the manufacturing process), you can replace the device. 



Technical Details

  • Universal phone mount (2-4"/50-100 mm).
  • Maximum Load: 5 lbs (2 kg).
  • Maximum Height: 12" (290 mm).
  • Minimum Height: 5" (130 mm).
  • Tripod mount screw: 1/4".
  • Weight: 11 oz (310g).